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 🧩 Puzzle shaped wax melts 🧩

🧩 Puzzle shaped wax melts 🧩

🧩 Puzzle wax malt shapes 🧩 

Get your hands on something different with our new puzzle shaped wax melts, each weighing approx 25g. 

Simply break of a piece of the puzzle (whatever size you like) and place in to your burner. 

Pick the fragrance you desire from our scent lists. 
 £1.75 per puzzle piece.

Lovingly hand poured on the Isle of Wight by MeltingMomentsIW. 
Our wax melts are made using Soy wax scented with high quality fragrance oils giving a superiour fragrence to a room. 
All products are handmade and unique so colours may vary from the photographs shown.
Safety data sheets available on request and ingredients information included with the product.
CLP Compliant.

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